We firstly access the Web in 2012 with a local experience, in Italy, setting up the blog Tifoso Bilanciato, which has shortly become one of the main references in the supporters community for economic and financial issues related to football.

Our main principles?

  • Write in a clear and intellegible way, so that everybody can understand these issues even without a specialized background;
  • Always give access to the supporting documents, to allow everybody to make its own opinion;
  • Extend the analysis well over the mainstream topics, trying to find new ways of looking into financial data and to present them.


From this experience we decided to create Footyrate.

It is a multi-step project that will progressively allow our readers to access and “play” with Club financial data in an easy way, to undestand short-term and medium-term trends, to extend their knowledge till the boundaries of their curiosity.


  • We will cover as much National Competitions as possibile.
  • We will extend the available languages to the maximum, transforming Footyrate in a true multi-language initiative.
  • And, we are “free of charge”.


If you do not find your Club among those we are considering, please help use find its latest Annual Reports (we normally need a 3-years period) and we will add it within a couple of days. You may contact us via mail at footyrate@gmail.com.


Stay tuned … a lot of innovations are expected by the end of 2016.

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