The work starts from Club Financial Reports: as such we need to wait for their publication on each Club’s websites or in the National Registries, if so required by law.

Data is entered in the original currency and converted into the selected transaction currency (currently EUR, USD or GBP).

When local rules do not provide for a clear obligation to file the annual financial statements, or if the Club delays in fulfilling it, we may use third parties documentation (such as National Leagues), or info coming from bloggers recognized for their skill and precision (eg “The Swiss Ramble” for England,  “Tifoso Bilanciato” for Italy and “Fußball-Geld” for Germany).


Should you find any error or inaccuracy in the shown data, please feel free to contact us at

If you would like to have your Club added to our database, please send us the last 3-years financial statements (in pdf) and we will work on them in a few days.


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